Beauty From Chaos

Beauty From Chaos Breathing is uneasy, panic is suffocated by the unconditional love and protection of the one who holds the power to create beauty from chaos. Although anxiety rises, calming inhales fill my nostrils as we travel to a gray part of town. It's the place, the one where as a little girl she... Continue Reading →

Success In Beating Your Eating Disorder!

EATING DISORDERS ARE UNREALISTIC The body type we (most individuals who suffer from eating disorders) strive for, are unrealistic. You know to what type I am referring. That emaciated, white, pail body that you long for. The body that shows your defined rib cage and not defined abs. The success rate for those who achieve... Continue Reading →

Strength, Find This in the Lord!

FINDING STRENGTH IN THE LORD We are blessed and God has given us everything we need. However, there are still times we simply wish ourselves away in to heaven so all the pain of this broken world will cease. Our focus is on the pain, and we forget to look at the blessings that are right in... Continue Reading →

Words from God: Psalm 143

Inspired by Psalms 143 Hear my prayers God and listen to my pleas, You are faithful and righteous. My enemy chases me and knocks me to the ground. She forces me to live in darkness. I am losing hope and am paralyzed with fear. While lifting my hands to you I reminisce on your great blessings. Show me... Continue Reading →

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