Words from God: Psalm 143

Inspired by Psalms 143

Hear my prayers God and listen to my pleas, You are faithful and righteous.

My enemy chases me and knocks me to the ground. She forces me to live in darkness.

I am losing hope and am paralyzed with fear.

While lifting my hands to you I reminisce on your great blessings.

Show me your direction.

You are a faithful God, therefor I know you won’t dessert me.

Come quick God, my depression deepens and I become uneasy.

For I know all my trust needs to go to you, you will show me where to walk.

I am yours, rescue me from my enemies and hide me in a your safe arms.

Teach me to do your will, spirit lead me forward on firm footing.

For the glory of your name, O Lord, preserve my life.

I know you will bring me out of distress.

Your unfailing love will silence my enemies, for I am yours my God.


A few days ago I was feeling blue. After a great vacation I came home to find some expensive unexpected medical bills. Going in to a panic, I thought of all the ways I could take care of this issues without involving my husband. This kind of living when married is not acceptable. Coming together to figure these things out as a couple is what marriage is all about. Also, it really does bring you closer together.

God Provides

In group, (overcome 2gether) I expressed my worries. So, that same night, I came home and came clean. The reaction I got from my husband was nothing but love and support. Often times, I forget to give him credit and my reaction (in some cases) are to “deal with it myself”. However, that is not how marriage actually works and that is not how God intended it to be.

Being in recovery, and especially with a new strong faith, is not just learning how to eat again. It’s about learning how to live your best life. It’s about finding community and doing life with people who can relate and be there for us. That will include the people closest to us, like our spouses.

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