Overcome 2gether Support Group for Eating Disorders

Hello Everyone!!!!!

I have some exciting news! I am partnering up with an amazing woman named Morgan Landgren. Together we will be starting a support group for those currently struggling with an eating disorder, and those in recovery.


To many people fight this battle alone. We are here to tell you that YOU DO NOT NEED TO. We will not only be exploring and talking about eating disorders, but we will also dive in to other illnesses that can co-exist with eating disorders. This could include depression, anxiety, self harm, suicidal ideation, and more.

If you are in Salt Lake City (Cottonwood Heights area), come for support and receive support from others that are struggling just like you. This group will be starting January 7th at 8 PM, so mark your calendars!Support

 Together, we can fight and face this disorder head on. We can create a community together where we feel safe to express ourselves in a NO JUDGMENT ZONE.

Don’t have an eating disorder, but you are struggling with mental illness? Come join us, we would love to help you too!

More information to come the closer we are to our launch date of December 17th.


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Thank you all and I hope you have a great Holiday!


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