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Exercise and Fitness: Full Body Circuit


A great exercise routine to do from the ease of your own home. If you so desire, take this to your local high school track or football stadium and mix things up.

Get ready for a four move exercise circuit that will get your heart rate up. It can be turned into a HIIT workout if you so desire. You would simply need to increase the reps and have a bit of rest between each move. The real key to HIIT workouts is the “HI” part of that. High Intensity! You must get yourself very uncomfortable with how hard you are working. Then the rest is key. For example, the first move is weighted jumping jacks. If you are maxed out after 50 reps of these, and that takes about 30 seconds to complete, give yourself at least 30 seconds to rest.  

Some helpful notes: Abbreviations throughout the Exercise

AMRAP – As many reps as possible. Go to failure

DB – Dumbbell

BB – Barbell

KB – Kettle Bell

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

Warm up and stretch

Get your heart rate up with some running in place, jumping jacks or treadmill etc. Then move to arm circles front and back to really warm up the shoulders and chest area. This is very important and will help to minimize injury. It is very easy to injure yourself in an exercise when you are cold. Therefore, you need to make sure your body is really warmed up.

Once warm, get those muscles stretched! You can use the classic cross body tricep stretch as well as the over head tricep stretch. Some good hamstring stretching as well as quad and glute stretches are key as well.

Exercise Circuit Workout

Weighted jumping jacks 30 reps (choose a very light weight eg 2.5Lbs or maybe 5Lbs)

Burpees 10 reps

Jump rope 60 sec

Box jumps 10 reps

Repeat 4 X

Cool down and stretch

Lower your heart rate, but keep moving.

Be sure and completely stretch upper and lower body, similar to the warm up.

Do not be afraid to take time on this step. Stretching is the first step to a good recovery, and recovery is the only way our muscles increase in size and strength.

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Exercise Relating to Eating Disorder Recovery

If you have been put on specific work out guidelines from your therapist or dietitian, follow them. Mold this exercise to fit the guidelines.

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