Words from God: Psalm 143

Inspired by Psalms 143 Hear my prayers God and listen to my pleas, You are faithful and righteous. My enemy chases me and knocks me to the ground. She forces me to live in darkness. I am losing hope and am paralyzed with fear. While lifting my hands to you I reminisce on your great blessings. Show me... Continue Reading →

Find Your Opportunity To Grow

Leni If you have read this BLOG, you would know that my eating disorder has a name, and it's Leni. I think of Leni as an actual being that is literally trying to ruin my life because that is her goal. In treatment I prayed A LOT. It was there that I learned the power of prayer. It... Continue Reading →


EQUIPMENT NEEDED WATER 5-10 pound weight if desired. You will use this on Lunge and reach (optional). Some kind of resistance band. We use the bands below. WARM UP Jumping jacks (30 Seconds) Run in place (30 seconds) High knees (30 seconds) Butt kickers (30 seconds) Standing Hip Flexion & Rotation Fast Sumo squats (about 15)... Continue Reading →

God and the Holy Bible

EASY-TO-READ If you are anything like me, reading the bible can sometimes seem like a foreign Language. I ask God for understanding, but I still seem to get lost in the wording that covers the pages. That Is why I LOVE the Bible App! By selecting the easy-to-read version, it makes it so much easier... Continue Reading →

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